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Vogue Italia QVC Spoof

If high-end fashion did TV shopping channels…

In a genius satirical statement, renowned photographer Steven Meisel has created this brilliant QVC-inspired editorial spoof film for Vogue Italia, featuring an all-star cast of impeccably dressed supermodels strutting around a hilariously tawdy 90s-style showroom in the latest designer Spring collection.

The footage accompanies the ‘Collections on IVC’ shoot, which will appear in the February issue of Vogue Italia and is described by the fashion powerhouse as “an artistically ironic simulation of telesales programs, nowadays much in vogue in the United States.”

Featuring a selection of beautiful ‘It Girl’ footwear from the Yves Saint Laurent collection and ‘Customer Favourite’ ensembles from Gucci’s Art Deco collection, the brilliantly witty attention to detail and fabulously cheesy elevator music make this one convincing spoof. It’s certainly safe to say that if IVC were real, it just might be every fashion fanatic’s favourite channel…

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