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Never Been Snogged







If the above applies to you – firstly, poor babe, get yourself out there.

But err, hang on a minute… hopefully you will have deciphered by now that I am not in fact referring to smooching a hot honey, but actually to the delicious guilt-free treats being offered by quirky frozen yogurt creator, Snog. 

With six branches now open in London, the Snog craze is spreading, and I can’t get enough. Across the world, frozen yogurt shops have been hugely successful for years, yet Snog is the very first one to open in the UK – where have we been?!

A quick Snog is the perfect antidote for when you’re craving a Ben & Jerry’s session (danger zone) but don’t want to feel like a ten-tonne-Tilly afterwards. Each pot of frozen yogurt contains zero fat or sugar, and the yogurt is made from completely organic milk, so that’s one more thing to feel smug about as you chow down on a spoonful.

Although a Snog is undeniably delicious au naturale, I personally think that it performs best under a mound of toppings, and the range is pretty impressive. Each branch offers everything from blueberries to Oreo cookies to coconut shavings- they will even throw in a hot espresso shot! Make sure you give yourself a good five minutes at the counter to finalize your decision, and ignore any tutting from the queue behind you. This is your time. The topping really can make or break your whole snogging experience, so it’s highly important to choose wisely.









The shops are ridiculously cool too, kind of like a series of girly retro Willy Wonka creations – lots of candy pink, rainbow lights and faux grass floors. Covent Garden’s crazy LED ceiling canopy is a good enough reason alone to pay it a visit.

Soo the next time you fancy a sweet treat that’s not going to send you running for the cross-trainer, go get a Snog.

My favourite Snog combo = Green Tea flavour frozen yogurt with raspberries, chocolate hearts and granola.

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