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Vending machines have always been notorious for housing naughty and unhealthy tempting treats, and this one seen parked in the Las Vegas McCarran Airport is no different.

Beauty addicts can now satisfy their Clinique cravings for a deliciously creamy face mask or sweet berry tinted lipstick simply at the push of a button with this beauty vendor. Instant beautification! Time is often on the short side when you’re dashing to make your flight, but every girl knows it’s still important to look her best.

Now, can someone invent a vending machine of hot men next?

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Lash Mob








Tiny paper ponies? Posing as eyelashes? Those Paperself folk need to stop horsing around…

In fact, London based design company Paperself‘s paper eyelashes are the latest addition to the ever-evolving false lash market, and their delicately pretty creations are sending lash fanatics’ hearts (and lashes) aflutter. Inspired by the art of Chinese paper-cutting, Paperself fuses traditional culture with contemporary design to create elaborate lash adornments made entirely from paper.  

“The whole concept was inspired by ancient Chinese craft,” says brand ambassador Charlene Chang. “Historically, paper cut-outs were used to decorate windows in China, and the unique patterns had specific cultural meanings. We are doing the same thing for the eye.”

Six intricately cut styles make up the Paperself collection, with each design holding an specific symbolic meaning rooted in Chinese culture. The lash creations feature everything from galloping horses and sprouting peach blossom to complete underwater scenes (complete with seahorses and coral reefs!)

Paperself paper eyelashes spark a uniquely brilliant revival of the oversaturated lash market, and are perfect for making a statement.

Just try not to get caught in the rain.

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Nailing It











2013 has undoubtedly been the ‘year of the nails’.

Nail art has exploded onto the fashion scene, with a model’s manicured hand becoming equally as essential as a pair of heels. On the high street, companies such as Minx and WAH nails setting up shop in British nail bars have led to creative nail art being accessible to everyone. And amongst all of this nail hysteria, nail transfers have emerged as the latest nail thrill for everyday glamour pusses.

My favourite transfers come from DIY nail art experts Nail Rock, who have perfected the at home nail wrap and offer a whole host of quirky designs, including ‘Furry Cheetah’, ‘Studded Cover’, Swarovski crystals and their newly released ‘Jeans for Genes’ denim-inspired designs. Created by nail expert Zoe Pocock, the wraps simply need to be filed down to size and blasted with a hot hair drier to secure.

Ever since my first gel manicure which provoked a barrage of compliments from strangers and left my colour magically unaffected by scuffing/chipping/nail varnish remover, I have waved goodbye to conventional nail polish and climbed fully aboard the nail art bandwagon. So thank you Nail Rock– getting wild with the Furry Cheetah is first on my list!

Nail Rock transfers last for around seven days and are available from ASOS, River Island and Topshop.

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