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Interning at a fashion PR agency means that I have the unfortunate task of being surrounded by beautiful clothes and accessories all day. This week I have found myself developing a serious clutch crush on this foxy number from Wilbur & Gussie.

The Ruby‘s oversized envelope shape makes it the ideal sidekick for both nights out and impressing in the office (a 13 inch laptop would slip nicely inside) and the croc print is elegantly offset by the dashing gold fox head clasp, perfectly positioned to keep firm guard of your belongings.

With each bag charmingly named after a much loved pet of the designing duo’s friends and family, it’s not hard to see why Wilbur & Gussie are being hailed the new queens of the clutch!

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Vending machines have always been notorious for housing naughty and unhealthy tempting treats, and this one seen parked in the Las Vegas McCarran Airport is no different.

Beauty addicts can now satisfy their Clinique cravings for a deliciously creamy face mask or sweet berry tinted lipstick simply at the push of a button with this beauty vendor. Instant beautification! Time is often on the short side when you’re dashing to make your flight, but every girl knows it’s still important to look her best.

Now, can someone invent a vending machine of hot men next?

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Model Behaviour

Have you ever wondered what might be going on behind those blank catwalk stares?

Take a peek at this video which meets models at a casting call for Rodarte SS’12, showing that these perfectly proportioned clothes horses are not just proud owners of carved cheekbones and a great pair of pins, but also, astoundingly, a sense of humour!

(Although I have to say, I’m not so sure Tom Hanks has penned enough rhymes/painted enough masterpieces to be considered a true ‘artist’…)

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Lash Mob








Tiny paper ponies? Posing as eyelashes? Those Paperself folk need to stop horsing around…

In fact, London based design company Paperself‘s paper eyelashes are the latest addition to the ever-evolving false lash market, and their delicately pretty creations are sending lash fanatics’ hearts (and lashes) aflutter. Inspired by the art of Chinese paper-cutting, Paperself fuses traditional culture with contemporary design to create elaborate lash adornments made entirely from paper.  

“The whole concept was inspired by ancient Chinese craft,” says brand ambassador Charlene Chang. “Historically, paper cut-outs were used to decorate windows in China, and the unique patterns had specific cultural meanings. We are doing the same thing for the eye.”

Six intricately cut styles make up the Paperself collection, with each design holding an specific symbolic meaning rooted in Chinese culture. The lash creations feature everything from galloping horses and sprouting peach blossom to complete underwater scenes (complete with seahorses and coral reefs!)

Paperself paper eyelashes spark a uniquely brilliant revival of the oversaturated lash market, and are perfect for making a statement.

Just try not to get caught in the rain.

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