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Secret Cinema








In a unique fusion of film and live acting all shrouded under a brilliant cloak of mystery, Secret Cinema is the new revolutionary film event for movie lovers. It’s an interactive cinematic experience which pays tribute to some of the best cult film classics of our time – but shh, you musn’t tell anyone!

The whole premise of Secret Cinema is that right up until the last minute, you don’t actually know where you’re going or what you’re going to see. Members are led on a sort of cinematic treasure trail on the run up to the screening, during which you must collect cryptic clues to try and decipher the theme for the evening. Elaborate instructions signalling where to meet and what to wear are emailed/tweeted/Facebooked beforehand and obscure riddles are endless, making the whole thing feel slightly like you’ve been plunged into a secret service operation.

Movie classics are screened in fairly mundane London locations which have been transformed into weird and wonderful cinematic worlds, inspired by the chosen film. Upon arrival you are immediately immersed into the performance with open arms (willingly or unwillingly) as you mingle with characters from the film who roam the venue and act out snippets of the story, offering further pivotal clues as to what on screen delight you may be able to expect that night.

Secret Cinema gatherings occur monthly, and previous screenings have included Blade Runner, Lawrence of Arabia and One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest. So, if the idea of taking a seat to enjoy one of your favourite films whilst surrounded by camels and belly dancers in the heart of the Alexandra Palace sounds slightly more tempting than that familiar indent in your sofa, get yourself involved!

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Simone Rocha at Topshop








This week saw Irish designer Simone Rocha take on her first solo show at London Fashion Week, firmly cementing her status as the new one to watch on the fashion scene – and it’s not just her identifiable surname which is earning her some serious cool points.

Tapping into this season’s unceasing androgony trend, the 25 year old daughter of fashion legend John Rocha has been whipping up a storm with her AW’11 Topshop collection, which sees her adding touches of femininity to classic tailored staples to create novel yet wearable designs.

The collection features six beautifully tailored pieces and androgynous silhouettes with her signature feminine twist. On offer are chic, crisp white poplin shirts with gossamer thin, neon sleeves and classic black blazers with contrasting cable knit detail.

Simone Rocha at Topshop successfully ticks the box for the androgynous, heritage and colour blocking trends all in one collection – her fingers couldn’t be more on the fashion pulse if they tried.



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Nailing It











2013 has undoubtedly been the ‘year of the nails’.

Nail art has exploded onto the fashion scene, with a model’s manicured hand becoming equally as essential as a pair of heels. On the high street, companies such as Minx and WAH nails setting up shop in British nail bars have led to creative nail art being accessible to everyone. And amongst all of this nail hysteria, nail transfers have emerged as the latest nail thrill for everyday glamour pusses.

My favourite transfers come from DIY nail art experts Nail Rock, who have perfected the at home nail wrap and offer a whole host of quirky designs, including ‘Furry Cheetah’, ‘Studded Cover’, Swarovski crystals and their newly released ‘Jeans for Genes’ denim-inspired designs. Created by nail expert Zoe Pocock, the wraps simply need to be filed down to size and blasted with a hot hair drier to secure.

Ever since my first gel manicure which provoked a barrage of compliments from strangers and left my colour magically unaffected by scuffing/chipping/nail varnish remover, I have waved goodbye to conventional nail polish and climbed fully aboard the nail art bandwagon. So thank you Nail Rock– getting wild with the Furry Cheetah is first on my list!

Nail Rock transfers last for around seven days and are available from ASOS, River Island and Topshop.

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