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Asos Urban Tour









The ASOS Urban Tour AW’11 is making menswear look seriously good.

Check the clip below for some superbly street interactive marketing from online fashion retailer ASOS, which fuses video editorial with online shopping. The ASOS Urban Tour is an epic dance-themed video campaign featuring a series of short films showcasing the best creative urban talent from seven major cities around the world while promoting the ASOS AW’11 menswear collection. Below is London’s offering.

The videos star the most talented street performers from each city (clad head to toe in ASOS gear, obviously) exercising their extraordinary skills to a soundtrack of gritty dubstep beats, with viewers able to follow links to explore each artist’s look.

Presenting the best-dressed beatboxers in Tokyo, skaters in Paris and breakdancers in London, the ASOS Urban Tour offers an innovative twist on the online catwalk and represents a step forward in the way that we browse clothes online.

Cutting edge and effortlessly cool.

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Felder Felder SS’12











Give me some of that!

One of the absolute highlights of London Fashion Week for me was Felder Felder’s SS’12 runway show. Known for their modern, sexy and extremely wearable designs, the German sister act celebrate the glamorous, charismatic woman with a definite wild side. They had already won me over massively with their dangerously cool leather and feather creations as seen in their AW’11 collection, and this week, they’ve done it again. And with a LFW runway show entitled “BANG!”, I knew to expect big things…

They certainly didn’t disappoint. Strutting down the Felder Felder catwalk this week was plenty of signature body con, sheer paneling, studs and of course, the timeless leather biker jacket. But this season, they have provided light among the dark by peppering their usual rock-and-roll monochrome with sheer, sorbet-coloured printed maxi dresses and frosty metallic skater-skirt silhouettes.

Grungy gloss at its best.






























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Lessons in Fashion







Returning to college after a summer of fun and frolicks was always a dread-inducer, but a college teaching you how to accessorize your Christopher Kane dress and whether midi length skirts are hot or not would have me sprinting to my desk before the bell even rang.

Publishing giant Condé Nast have just announced the launch of their new Condé Nast College of Fashion and Design, which will open its doors this September in time for the 2012 academic year. Up to 300 places will be offered to fee-paying students, and on the fashion school menu will be a year-long foundation course based around legendary fashion bible, Vogue, along with 10-week extensive fashion courses for a more condensed alternative. There will also be modules on the history of fashion and design, the fashion year, print and digital journalism, luxury brand marketing and a House & Garden interior design and decoration course.

Condé Nast is perfectly placed to enter the world of education,” Condé Nast UK managing director Nicholas Coleridge said this morning. “The reputation and authority of our brands puts us in a strong position to teach and inspire the fashion and decorating talent of the future. We look forward to becoming the go-to academy for students from Britain and further afield.”

Running the show as the fashion school’s principal will be Susie Forbes, former editor of Easy Living magazine. The location of the college is yet to be confirmed as they are still securing premises, but it is likely to be around central London. Susie says:

“With access to some of the sharpest and most creative minds shaping the fashion, design and interiors industries today, we aim to educate students to the highest level. It makes perfect sense for Condé Nast to open its College doors in London, the fashion capital of the world.”

The attendence rate of this college will surely be among the best in the country – after all, who would want to skive a lesson which requires you to flick through Vogue all morning? Oh, to be a student again!

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Versace Does H&M








H&M have really pulled it out the bag this time. It seems that their fan base stretches far beyond mere high street mortals like myself, and all the way over to the royal fashion realms of Versace.

At the finale of the Italian fashion designer’s men’s show at Milan Fashion Week this summer, Donatella Versace stole the show as she took her bow wearing a beautiful black studded… H&M dress. Huh?! No, this is not an example of Donna trying to cut costs before payday – in fact, she was showcasing a design from H&M‘s new Iconic Collection, the product of a hugely exciting Versace for H&M collaboration.

The capsule collection will hit stores worldwide on November 17 and will not only feature womenswear and menswear but also, for the first time, a home collection. For the women’s range we are promised a glamorous array of leather, studs, silk and flamboyant prints, as well as accessories including high heels and Versace-inspired costume jewellery, all at H&M prices.










H&M must have been busy leaving some pretty sweet gifts on the doorstep of the Versace couture house, because last time I checked, Donatella was far from sold on the idea, claiming that it wouldn’t fit with the Versace ethos. At a New York Times talk in 2008, she said of creating a lower-cost line:

“I respect everyone who does it. But the reason I didn’t do it is because I work very hard to put the Versace line in the luxury section. I think to put the Versace line in H&M would confuse the brand.”

Perhaps she began to feel a little left out watching H&M’s hugely successful collaborations with fashion pals Karl Lagerfield, Matthew Williamson, Stella McCartney and most recently, Lanvin.

I can still recall the mayhem that ensued at the unveiling of the Lanvin Hearts H&M collection on Oxford Street – catfights, cramps and utter chaos! And I’m predicting an even bigger stampede of fashion lovers storming to stores on the 17th for this one.

I, of course, will be among them.

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Tinker Tailor Soldier Sighhh







Cannot wait to see this.

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy is the chillingly stylish screen adaptation of John le Carré’s much celebrated British spy novel. The story centres around disgraced British spy George Smiley who is lured out of spy retirement to track down a suspected Soviet mole. Much sneaky sleuthy double-dealing ensues.

The cast is packed full of British gems including Gary Oldman, Colin Firth, Mark Strong and Tom Hardy (lord serve him up to me on a plate.. allow the creepy blonde mop) and the 70s styling is impeccable.

I love a bit of espionage. The word literally makes me tremble. When I was growing up my dad was always telling me I should set my sights on MI5 (must be my inherently devious nature). I had a good old go at the online application form a few years ago… 40 mins later, I was defeated. That thing is LONG!

Check the super slick trailer and get excited.

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Never Been Snogged







If the above applies to you – firstly, poor babe, get yourself out there.

But err, hang on a minute… hopefully you will have deciphered by now that I am not in fact referring to smooching a hot honey, but actually to the delicious guilt-free treats being offered by quirky frozen yogurt creator, Snog. 

With six branches now open in London, the Snog craze is spreading, and I can’t get enough. Across the world, frozen yogurt shops have been hugely successful for years, yet Snog is the very first one to open in the UK – where have we been?!

A quick Snog is the perfect antidote for when you’re craving a Ben & Jerry’s session (danger zone) but don’t want to feel like a ten-tonne-Tilly afterwards. Each pot of frozen yogurt contains zero fat or sugar, and the yogurt is made from completely organic milk, so that’s one more thing to feel smug about as you chow down on a spoonful.

Although a Snog is undeniably delicious au naturale, I personally think that it performs best under a mound of toppings, and the range is pretty impressive. Each branch offers everything from blueberries to Oreo cookies to coconut shavings- they will even throw in a hot espresso shot! Make sure you give yourself a good five minutes at the counter to finalize your decision, and ignore any tutting from the queue behind you. This is your time. The topping really can make or break your whole snogging experience, so it’s highly important to choose wisely.









The shops are ridiculously cool too, kind of like a series of girly retro Willy Wonka creations – lots of candy pink, rainbow lights and faux grass floors. Covent Garden’s crazy LED ceiling canopy is a good enough reason alone to pay it a visit.

Soo the next time you fancy a sweet treat that’s not going to send you running for the cross-trainer, go get a Snog.

My favourite Snog combo = Green Tea flavour frozen yogurt with raspberries, chocolate hearts and granola.

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First blog post.

A little about me – English grad, writer, traveller of the globe, chai tea addict, literature geek, ASOS worshipper, TV obsessive, social media ho, festival freak.

Here I will share with you the bounty of my discoveries of all things fashion, food, film and anything else cool that I may stumble across.


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